oke, ini cuman post selamat datang kepada perangkat suami saya yang baru, Dell Inspiron whom I called him ‘Kiryuu’.

well ‘Kiryuu’ isn’t my idea actually. A really good friend gave me many names, and i picked ‘Kiryuu’.  Hmm? You asked why i didn’t give his name personally? well i really don’t have any other idea, since ALL of my gadget’s name starts with ‘K‘.


Kaito, Katsuki, Kazuya, Kairi, Kaname, Kanata, Kaze, Ken, Kei, dan sekarang Kiryuu. oke, silahkan bilang saya freak, tapi lebih gampang panggil nama – Kiryuu- dibanding dell inspiron kan? seenggaknya mengurangi potensi iklan. *ditendang*


and here’s picture of him, when i charged his battery for the first time :

although i can’t see it when i use him, i really love his color


and for Kiryuu, please be kind and patient, you’re going to be used to finish my Final Project since your predecessor’s – Katsuki’s – condition is really hopeless..

OK, thanks for reading and stay tuned~!


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